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Globally Remove All 3D Components

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I have been using Vectorworks for 20 years, currently on VW2017 on PC. Since my drawings have never required 3D, I've learned the basics but have not used it much. However I use the wall tool a lot to create objects for convenience, even though they are not really walls. I've never changed the Elevation, Layer Wall Height in all my layers and have been ignoring the Z height so the wall objects are 8'0" high.


I noticed lately my drawings, especially the library file which contains a lot of symbols and groups, show a green bar that says "Geometry" for about 10 seconds during loading and saving. I suspect that the file is overloaded with 3D stuff.


So my questions: how can I globally change Z to 0 on: (1) All existing walls; (2) All wall styles. (3) Any 3D components created without my knowledge.


Please note: (1) I have already changed the height in all layers to 0 for future. (2) Creating a Custom Tool/Attribute to select all walls and edit won’t work since it won’t change the walls within symbols, sub-symbols and groups. To enter each of them to edit takes too long. (3) Cannot edit multiple wall styles – only one by one.


Much appreciation in advance for any suggestions.

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