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Accessing render options


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On 5/29/2018 at 5:31 PM, Sangmin said:

I don't think we have such functions to read and write the OpenGL options for each layer, but we are considering to add them.


I've found that you can access settings through the data object specified by kOpenGLDataType, however the data structure doesn't quite match what one would think from the constant list in RenderOptionValues.h.

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Guest Sangmin

"kOpenGLDataType" is the right place to start. BTW, can you access all the source codes?

Plus, if I add a new SDK function for Vectorworks 2019, you can use it right away?

Or you need to wait until the next release?

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Guest Sangmin

If I add the following functions for Vectorworks 2019, will it be good enough?

gSDK->SetObjectVariable (layerHandle, kOpenGLCastShadow, value);
gSDK->GetObjectVariable (layerHandle, kOpenGLCastShadow, value);


The first parameter is for the viewport or layers. 

The second parameter is for the OpenGL options such as Textures, Colors, Anti-Aliasing, Draw Edges, Shadows and so on.

The third parameter contains the value. 


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