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Circle Extrudes Disappear in Render

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An issue popped up today that I've seen a few times in the past but rather inconsistently. It has occurred in 2017 and now 2018, and in unrelated files on unrelated computers.


The issue is that suddenly the tops and bottoms of Extrudes containing Circle objects and mapped with a texture set to Plane will become transparent in a render:



Floating chairs. Also the birdie "lenses" should be glowing.

Also note the blue ring is the side of the same extrude whose top disappeared.


I believe this tends to happen right after I've upped my sheet layer DPI to do a final render. (All the more frustrating when I walk away for an hour and come back to find a faulty render).


I may be wrong about the exact circumstances which lead to this since it occurs only once in a while, but it's definitely always with circle-based extrudes. Has anyone else experienced this?


EDIT: I should also say the fix is sometimes to simply re-render. If that doesn't work, restarting VW sometimes fixes it. If that doesn't work, the workaround is to go inside the extrude and replace the Circle with a Regular Polygon with enough sides to make it look round.


And here's the nonbuggy version:




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