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Custom tool event sink doesn't seem to be loading


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I seem to be missing a step in getting a object insertion tool's event sink to run.  Just wondering if anyone can think of something to check.


I have the sink specified in IMPLEMENT_VWToolExtension.  I don't see any errors either at compile or run time.  The custom events don't seem to run, and if I put a break in the sink's constructor, I never reach it.  I compared to both the example modules and other plug-ins of mine, and I'm not seeing anything different.

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Ok, figured this out, sort of. In trying to resolve, I disconnected the tool from the plug-in object, but was still getting PIO insertion options in the mode bar. This was a clue that the tool wasn’t loading from the current code. 


The first compiles if the tool used the default handler, so I had to remove and re-add it to the workspace. Appearantly, workspaces save a fair amount of the tool definition, so in order for the tool to be flagged with a custom UI I needed to remove it completely, and the implementation definition runs as part of the workspace process and not on each session. 


I had removed and re-added as part of previous attempts to get this to work, but I may have done so in conjunction with setting other options incorrectly. 


So the moral of the story is: when developing a custom tool and making significant changes to either the definition or implementation, remove and re-add to the workspace. 

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