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Title Block Setup Advice - Issue/Revision Numbers Stacking

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Hi All,


I am hoping that the ingenuity of this forums inhabitants can help me once again with some title block issues.


We are using the automated title block coordination, and have made a custom title block which for the most part works very well.


We are using 'Issue Numbers' (rather than 'Revision Numbers'), displayed twice on the title block. In one instance we want to show only the Latest issue number (this is essentially forming the sheets titles, which would be for instance AL(0)210.B1, the '.B1' being the current issue number). At the other instance we want to show All (or at least multiple) Issue numbers (this shows the various changes that have been made to the drawing over various past drawing issues). The attached screenshot shows it more clearly.


Can anybody tell me how to achieve this??






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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello Asemblance,


You could use "Current Issue Number" or custom formula including "Current Issue Number" to show only the latest issue number. In order to show more than one issue number, you could use the "Issue Data.Issue Number" formula for the Text in Title Block. Using this fromula will show the x most recent issue numbers in the direction specified in "Direction" popup.

Hope that helps.


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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