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installing cinema 4d plugin??

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I'm trying to install the plugin for cinema 4d. i have a g5 mac running panther with vectorworks 10.5.1. I placed the plugin file inside the plugin folder for vectorworks and I still can't export to the cinema 4d filetype...

Please advise!!

Is there more than one file to be installed? Location? anything else???

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The files have to go into the VectorWorks/plug-ins folder. Then you have to restart VW.

Once back in, you need to use the Workspace editor to add the commands to the menus.

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Hello, I've also posted this in the renderworks disscussion

I'm curious if any one has received the new version of the

plug in and it's working fine? Maxon tech support is looking into it but I was wondering what others experience if any has been. My set up is Mac 10.3.4, VW 11 and Cinema4D 8.5.

The older plugin works fine but the new version after the export wil not open in C4D, it says the file is of unknown file format. Does anyone have a machine running similar configuration and everything exports and opens ok? If anyone doesn't know the plug in is a free upgrade, you only pay shipping and handling.

Maxon support only has machines running 10.2.8, so they

can't fully test the problem to see if it Os related? Has anyone

at VW tested the plugin under 10.3.4?

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