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CALL out tool stopped working in one file

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Hi all

My call out tool has stopped working in one file. I can't edit the contents.

It's not a layer or class issue...or a viewport issue - I can select and place callouts, just can't edit the contents.

Double clicking don't work, neither does "get text from database", edit note.

works fine in a blank document though.

VWA 11.5, win xp pro

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I had the same thing happening to my one file and posted here. But unfortunately it is not a consistant problem and tech can not reproduce this in their end to see what went wrong. In short, I learned that it is sheet layer related with viewports in them. Try to create a new layer and move everything to that layer. It is a tidious solution but seems to be only one so far.

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Hey Hong

i think mine came right after I switched to a layer of a different scale....

anyway, it's still a fabulous tool, especially with the improved database functionality, now if only I could see more note previews in the database dialog window.....

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