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  1. When a dimension setting is saved in a file with a custom name, you can import this from any other files.
  2. Workgroup Referencing is for several people to work together over a network. Basic default is one user per a file in VW. But you can bring other files into yours while those files are open by others through WGR and update them as you need. This assumes that you have to break files for a project if many are expected to work together. Your error message 'this file is currently in use ' might be the case when someone has the file open over the network or someone has the file under their resource broswer.
  3. I think this is as designed. We had this problem since VW11 and the same was true with workgroup referenced files at that time. In VW12 though, you can access a file that was referenced to other files but still any file under resource brower is locking up if a file is open somewhere over network.
  4. Font size of dimension comes from the text/size menu whereas all other setting can be customized from document/preference/dimension.
  5. This should have been resolved in VW12. I don't think there is a way to find who had a file open though.
  6. hong

    VW12 & HP 4MV

    Does anyone use still this printer with VW12 on Mac? Is so, how does it work?
  7. Send me an email if you wish to get a copy of the script. It is mac based and I am not sure if it works on PC. hongchoe@shookkelley.com
  8. Use layer color under document preference.
  9. Is there anyway to sort data by ascending number correctly in worksheet? It always bothers me when I see C-10s get in between C-1 and C-2.
  10. Is anybody using VW with Handheld devices? Is it possible? If not, how's the future hold?
  11. I was wondering if this is a known bug and there is a way around it. I have a parking space PIO inside of a symbol in a particular class and a particular layer. When I tried to count this parking space PIO by setting the criteria in worksheet, it doesn't count. I set the criteria to look for these particular class and layer, record of parking spaces and toggled to look for inside of symbols. It kept reporting '0'. And then when I removed all other criteria except ' parking space record is present' with the toggle to look inside of a symbol, it works. Has anybody experienced the same?
  12. I made a linear object and had to read default linelength data to worksheet. On my object pane, I see linelength following unit setup per file which is ft-in. But in worksheet it all comes in as inches. Is this the way it is? If so, is there a way to convert to ft-in again in worksheet?
  13. hong

    error message

    Thanks for reply. Do you mean a record format when you say format node? I see other record formats when I click on OIP data tab of the customaized PIO, but none of them is checked.
  14. I was using a custom made PIO on my drawing and got a error message in certain drawings. It goes 'An attempt define a Plug-In object named 'xx' failed because format with that name already exists in the current document. The entire operation is canceled.' When I use the same PIO in a new drawing and copy and paste, it works. I was wondering why this message?
  15. You have to make a layer 'overlay'.
  16. As you noticed by my terminology, I am using VW11.0.1 on OS 10.3.5. running G4. Save sheet became 'save view' in 11 and somebody forgot to rename the script palette to match.
  17. OK. I lost all the save views in my file except current one. I see previous ones under script/saved sheets palette at my resource browser but it doesn't work by double clicking. Save view menu at the bottom of screen only shows the current one. I had this problem before and do not know how to cure or how to prevent.
  18. What I want to know is why this is not incorporated into US standard version. If not now, then is it going to be in the future? Or can a US user have an access to this plug-in without buying an Australian copy?
  19. Did you close and reopen VW? When VW opens, it reads all the tools again with revised icons.
  20. Tom Icon should be 32 x 32 pixel in order to be pasted in a script property dialog box. The way I usually do is first to make an icon that I like on VW and export it to image (bmp file) by drawing a marquee around it. You have to assign your image size by 32x32 pixel when you export. Then you open this in 'Preview', and copy. Open your script editor and select the tool, select property, click on the icon box, and paste. I never had any problem of this procedure.
  21. I think this can be done through a customized script. You can get some help writing this on script dicussion area.
  22. hong

    Edit Save View

    Yes, an explicit example will be appreciated.
  23. Yes, and also I don't see this menu called 'show ceiling view' on VW 11 anywhere.
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