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Vision 2018 Service Pack 2

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Vectorworks, Inc. has released its second Service Pack (SP2) for the Vision® 2018 product line.  This Service Pack includes multiple fixes and improvements in the following areas: 


Capture Card Support Improved

  •    Vision now supports multiple capture cards in a scene.
  •    Support for multiple new pixel formats has been added.
  •    Ability to crop a capture input into multiple capture sources.
  •    Ability to reset capture textures on the fly.


Improved DMX Transforms

  •    Improved DMX Transforms workflow.
  •    Transform options added to MeshShapes and fixtures.


Improved Scene Organization

  •    MeshShapes and fixtures now organized under their respective ESC layer.
  •    Added the ability to control MeshShape brightness via the Properties window.
  •    Ability to flag fixtures as Emissive in properties window. 


General Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements




To request a trial copy of Vision 2018, click HERE.


This Service Pack is available for all licenses as a downloadable updater:


Mac  OR  Windows


In addition to updating Vision, make sure to update Vectorworks 2018 to SP2 as well.

Contact us at tech@vectorworks.net if you have any technical questions or problems during this process. Please note this Service Pack is currently available for all non-localized English versions. 

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