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Section viewport in layers, disappears

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I am using a section viewport in a layer to use as a backdrop to sketch on facades.

I use the "Display hidden line in wireframe" option, when I zoom in the section viewport just disappears.

I had to change the Navigation Graphics to "Best performance" in the VW preferences, Display.

But this results in every operation taking a couple of seconds, witch makes it very time consuming to draw. 

The section viewport seems to work better in a sheet, but thought it was better to work on the facades in a layer, so that you are more flexible with scale.


Anybody else with this issue?


I have a new pretty fast Mac so it should be more than capable to run the program.




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dealing with a similar problem...

Haven't found a workaround yet, I tried almost every possible setting but I just see the Layers inside my drawing but no content of DLVPs.

I see the wireframe of them when zooming in and out, I hope for the next service pack to fix it... cause I guess it's some kind of bug.

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