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Saving symbols with attached record


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How do I save a symbol in my favorites file with the associated data?  I create a symbol in a project file, attach a record and populate the data fields, however when I export it to one of my favorites file for future use it arrives

without the record attached. Any ideas

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I can attach a record to a symbol instance via the resource browser but it seems the only way to populate the data fields is via the edit function which does not change the record associated with the symbol. Is there a tutorial or a set of instructions that explains this operation



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It depends if your symbol is supposed to by hybrid, 2D or 3D.

If you only have 3D content you should place the text in the 3D container as well, otherwise the symbol becomes hybrid and your text is the 2D part. You can play around with it a bit.


You do not need to copy the text from one container to another if you placed it wrong, if you just modify the layer plane or whatever it's called it's moved automatically.


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