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Titleblocks created inV2017 do not work AT ALL in V2018


My process in all other versions up to now have been the creation of a trio of custom created titleblocks for 2 different sizes of paper and 1 change in orientation of vertical layout on a page or horizontal, depending on the project and how best it will layout on the page visually.


Title blocks were created using a custom block and graphics in VW in similar fashion to how one would layout in Illustrator (previous professional life) and placed in 3 different templates, one for each page. When working, all I had to do was launch VW, create a new document and pick one of my 3 choices, double click on it to populate the title block with pertinent information and 5 minutes later save out a new document ready to go. Each document was able to be scaled as I needed with no problems whatsoever, with no shifting of the titleblock, etc.


Now I find after updating my templates, etc. for 2018, that they do not even remotely work.


  • The scaling does not work nor does the double clicking to enter any of the individual information.
  • Additionally it appears as some of the sections of the titleblocks the text has shifted to flow in one line versus being paragraph centered and stacked.
  • It now appears as I can no longer continue using old title blocks, even updated, or for legacy projects created pre2018? 


I cannot see even using V2018, if the first, most basic step in creating a workable document that used to take 5 minutes or less, now appears to not work at all, and by other accounts take significantly more time as well. Please advise!

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If you look through this forum a bit you are going to see a ton of posts about this. I dare say the titleblock may be one of the biggest changes this version. It has causes a ton of confusion and conversation.


So to get around to the point, you are basically right (unless you are a seriously advanced user) and the titleblocks from previous versions are broken. There seems to be mixed results using the conversion tool and its very likely you are better off re-building the blocks. While this does suck, there are a lot of improvments to this tool and you will come to like it once you get used to it. You can poke through the forum for a ton of feedback and ideas on how to deal with this, or you can check out youtube as the guys over at VW released some videos just today. Check them out here;




Take a look and let us know if you still have troubles.




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