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How to input criteria in spreadsheet row of worksheet

Guest RMcK

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I am trying to create a worksheet with multiple formulas in it. For this I need to be able to search different criteria in each column. The type is spaces. What is the order of the text I need to input into the cell to pick up with the criteria would do in a database row? I have looked through all of the following places and it is not very clear to a novice. 






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Most of the worksheet functions can take criteria as a parameter when they are in worksheet cells even though they don't need criteria when in a database header.


=AREA in a database header might become  =Area(((L='1-Floor') & (C='Red'))) when in a worksheet cell.


Tell us more about what you are doing. Especially why you don't want to use a database and we might be able to give you better suggestions.

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