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2018 Focus Points

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Running VWSL 2018 on a Mac running High Sierra. Working on a light plot and beginning to insert focus points. They begin at letter "T" and go from there...not A. I've made all of my layers visible and there are no stray focus points. Is there something else I need to reset? This has never happened to me before!


Time Passes......

Welp. I completely cleaned out the drawing, redrew most everything and copied in the scenery (after changing fills to "non" so as to look for anything hidden). STILL going A, S, T, U.... 


Seriously going to scream soon!



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If you go to Tools > Custom Selection, execute a search immediately, and then set the parameters to Type - Is - Focus Point, does it report via the counter near the bottom of that box that there are other Focus Point objects in the document?


Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 4.17.32 PM.png

Does the same erroneous lettering happen in a new blank file for you as well, or only this current one?

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