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Hans Martin Kern

Rotating custom objects?

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I'm trying to get my feet wet with creating Marionette nodes to support @Stephan Moenninghoff's  endeavours. As you would expect from an old fart I run into all kinds of problems, so please feel free to hit me with a rolled-up newspaper if my questions are way too basic.


My first "project" is a node creating any kind of custom object (code below). I tried both interiorcad's objects and stock VW plug-in objects. Works beautiful. 


If I route the custom object created by my node through the stock "Set 3D Rotation" Marionette node, the object is not rotated. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here - any hints?







class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass):
    this = Marionette.Node( "Create Custom Object" ) 
    this.SetDescription('Creates a custom object')

    #Input Ports
    universalName = Marionette.PortIn(0)
    universalName.SetDescription('The universal name of the custom object')
    position = Marionette.PortIn(0)    
    position.SetDescription('Insertion point of object instance')
    rotation = Marionette.PortIn(0)
    rotation.SetDescription('Rotation angle of object instance')
    showPropertiesDialog = Marionette.PortIn(0)
    showPropertiesDialog.SetDescription('Show the object''s properties dialog')
    #OIP Controls

    #Output Ports
    object = Marionette.PortOut('hObj')
    object.SetDescription('The resulting object instance')


def RunNode(self):
    universalName = self.Params.universalName.value
    position = self.Params.position.value
    rotation = self.Params.rotation.value
    showPropertiesDialog = self.Params.showPropertiesDialog.value
    customObject = vs.CreateCustomObjectN(universalName, position[0], position[1], rotation, showPropertiesDialog)
    self.Params.object.value = customObject

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thanks for the hint. However, this leads to the inevitable question: How do rotate a custom-object without taking the current view into account? Coming from an SDK background, I would expect to set the custom object's 4x3 TransformMatrix and I'm done. 



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you just mentioned the solution. I forgot that there is a transfrommatrix-node.

The Rotate3D node could be fixed by checking the type for PlugIn objects and

using TransfMatrix in case.  (@Marissa Farrel   :))

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