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Wall Component - multiple Materials

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Is there any way to assign different RW Materials to a single Wall Component,

the same way you can apply different Materials to each side of a complete Wall ?

As you have as an option in Classes, to assign 3 different Materials to Walls by

Left/Sides/Right faces.


I use Wall Styles and have set all Styles to have Materials assigned by Component.

generally that is and should be only one Material per Component.


In this special case I have a 2 Component Wall,

Concrete Structural Component and a dark Insulation which has to be visible behind

folded translucent sheet metal covering.

(I have to create that facade layer separate by custom geometry)

But for visible faces of insulation not covered by the outer layer, the insulation should

be covered by sheet metal.

That happens especially for Window Cut Outs and sometimes at the bottom.

Currently I modeled all these Cut Out Framings, which are very tedious to adapt to

design changes.


Now I thought I go into my Styles Insulation Component and just assign different

Materials to the Insulation Component for Left/Right (Insulation) + Side (Metal),

but that does not work.

Even in OIP, going to "by Object" will influence the complete Wall Package only.


Has anyone another idea ?




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