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Displacement mapping

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I'm having problems making a brick texture come alive with displacement mapping. I uploaded the file.

I have 2 problems:


1. In the Preview window of Edit Texture options,  it seems like the gap between the bricks increases out of the surface instead of the brick itself.

2. I've checked that the displacement mapping in the renderwork style is enable and it still will not show any changes in the texture surface after rendering it.


What am I doing wrong?


VW2017 SP3


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The texture applied to the object is scaled by a factor of 8. When working with displacement mapping, make sure the object's texture mapping scale is 1, and that you adjust the size of the texture instead.

Displacement mapping height for bricks is also very specifically controlled compared to the other displacement types. Edit the Brick bump shader, then under Bricks, make sure the Brick Height % is 90 and 100 or similar, meaning the faces of the bricks will displace at 90-100% of the overall displacement distance you set on the first pane. Then under Gaps, use something like 0 to 20, meaning the height of the gaps will range between 0 and 20% of the overall displacement height. 

In your example, i set the object texture scaling back to 1, I increased the size of the bricks and gaps by 8x to compensate for the object mapping change, and then made the changes suggested above and it was far more brickish. Just remember to alter the image bricks at the same time you map the bump bricks, unfortunately you cant just link them to each other so a width change in one needs to be manually adjusted in the other as well.


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