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Automatic Viewport Update

Guest Blars

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Guest Blars

Is there a way to automatically update viewports without having to tell VW every single time to update each viewport?  Its a bit ridiculous to not have this happen automatically.   If i change something as simple as a visibility within a sheet layer and switch it back, VW tells me that every single view now needs to be updated with its "candy cane" boarder.   Just FYI, the visibility that was changed has nothing on it and should not affect the viewport anyways.  Thanks.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'd never want all my viewports to update automatically, every action triggering hours of rendering? Yeouch.

However, changing visibility on classes on a sheet layer should not trigger an out-of-date state, only if you alter the viewports classes/layers or alter geometry contained within classes/layers within a viewport or otherwise alter a resource linked to that viewport. I am unable to replicate the issue here, to test I did the following:


1) Pick a sheet layer with many viewports, none out of date.

2) Add a new class not included in any of the viewports.

3) Create a rectangle in the new class.
4) Alter the visibility of the class.

After doing this, none of the viewports went out of date, let me know if I'm misunderstanding what triggers it on your end, or if you aren't able to replicate in another document.

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  • 10 months later...

I'm honestly not following what youve described.   I'm not worried about visibility changes.  only object and component changes.  ie... if I move a stair, door, window, wall, etc. in the model layers, then go click on the sheet layer, (or already have that window open in 2018) I shouldnt have to click on an "update" button.  It should automatically update.


I dont need VW to update every single viewport that exists in the drawing file.  Only the ones on a sheet layer that becomes active.  Its crazy to have to update each view in the Object Info palette each time every little change is made.  It becomes a cyclopian annoyance and waste of time.  Extra work to accomplish this shouldn't be necessary.  VW should just do it as part of its base program as any quality Architectural software should.  period. 


I suppose this goes on the Perpetual Wish List page...

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