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Can anyone tell me why I get a red rectangle @ my cursor sometimes when I want to do push/pull(see attached first image). If I move the cursor to an adjacent face on another object, I get the expected highlighting of that face for the push/pull operation. In the first case, I can still get what i want via the Extrude  command under Model.


In this case, I have draw the highlighted rectangle on the edge of the strip with the intent of creating another strip running perpendicular to the first one.





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It's something I only just noticed in the last day or so. 


To try and answer your question more directly: When I use the push/pull tool on an already created face, it works just fine. The action in question arises when I draw a new face on top of another face (generally smaller) with the intention of push/pulling to create a new solid object. I hit the Shift-R keyboard shortcut and get the red rectangle at the cursor. The new face is selected but nothing happens. But if I go up to Extrude and key in a value, it extrudes just fine. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.


I'll keep a better eye on the behavior unless you or someone has some input.





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Just realized I didn't really answer your question. i don't normally look at the mode. I just do the keyboard shortcut and pull. If I hit the push/pull from the tool set at left, it shows I'm in the second mode. 


I just tried it again and although I see the red rectangle, it seems to be working. Must be me!. I'll keep watching.




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