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Marionette PIO for layer numbering

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This Marionette Object Shows its layer name (last word) and the layer stacking order as a label. I often create documentation inside Vectorworks and do not want to use other applications for that. All we need is Vectorworks!


Contains some custom nodes:

1. "GetAllLayer" A List of Design Layers and a List of Sheet Layers

2. "Backward" A node to send an object in background (did not fount a native node for that ..?)

3. "GetLastWord" split the last word from a string

4. "GetObject" Wrapper to grab a Text Object with a Text Style and to transport this Textstil by copy/paste the script


Nothing spectacular but could be handy and really helps saving time compared to manually texting or stamping a counter on every layer. Also with the "GetLastWord" node, the layer can contain the chapter in his name.




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In python, strings are treated as list objects.


# So take for the example the string below

some_string = "four"

# in python strings can be thought of as lists
# some_string = ['f','o','u','r']

# so to get the first character just use list slicing, calling the index of the character you are after in the string:
some_string[0] # will be equal to 'f'
# second string:
some_string[1] # will be equal to 'o'
# and so on..

# and to get the last character, use negative indices
some_string[-1] # last character = 'r'



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