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Window OI question

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Hello All,

I have a question regarding the Window OI pallette, specifically what all of the variables effect. For instance, what do all of the style settings mean under the CLASS SETTINGS section. (ie, style-1, style-2, etc) I am not seeing this in any manual. Also, if there is a more appropriate venue for this question, please let me know!

fyi I am on spotlight v10.5

Thanks much!

Patrick Immel

Assistant Professor

Lighting & Scenic Designer

Northwest Missouri State University

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The styles allow you to control the appearance of parts of the winodw via the classes.

So say you set glazing to "style-glazing 1", then go into the classes dialog, look for style-glazing 1, change its line-color to red, tick "use at creation" then exit the classes dialog.

Now your glass line on your window will be red.

Same for the other sill/trims, and jambs and their respective style classes.

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Thanks Zero...makes complete sense! But is there also some help for all of the different window variables like...for instance "Ext Cavs to Return"? If anyone from Nemetschek is reading...a picture of a basic window with arrows pointing to all of the variables maybe, even with text descriptions...would be real cool!


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