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Oachl Kini

Join Walls

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I'm trying to build an easy house in my script, but I can't get the joinWalls-command to work. Here's my code:




First I had to move the walls so the edges fit. Now I can join the walls using Alt+W, but I just can't get the function to do it....Any help?


Ok.. now it works.. Just used


Thought I tried that one before....


Now my problem is that I can't join the last wall to the first... :(

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Hm, I think your main problem is, you overwrite the handle (w1 = vs.LNewObj()) of your first wall. So you don't have it anymore, to join your last wall. You somehow have to copy the handle of the first Wall. 


I made a Script with a more flexible (which would be more flexible with more walls) script, that would work for me. 

It first loops the input points and draw the walls. Simultaneously it put the walls and points in another list-variable (named walls) with all values needed to joint them anytime later (point and handle). 

Second it loops through that wall-list-values and do the join job. Always the last point from actual(i) wall  with first point next(i+1) second wall, and so on.

i is the "loop counter". Loops and list variables are extremly powerfull instruments for scripts. 


Maybe it looks more complicated in your eyes like your original script.

wv = [[0,0],[0,10],[10,10],[10,0],[0,0]]
for i in range(len(wv)-1):
    if i == len(wv)-2: #append first wall again to have a join object for the last wall

vs.AlrtDialog(str(walls)) #Debug for errors, delete if it works
for i in range(len(walls)-1):
    w1 = walls[i][0]
    w2 = walls[i+1][0]
    p1 = walls[i][2] #second point from actual (i) wall
    p2 = walls[i+1][1] # fist point from next (i+1) wall


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Thanks, Dom!

Looks nice and a lot better than my code, though mine wasn't supposed to - it was just a first test. :-)

So, it definitely works, but now my code also works just fine. It didn't on friday... Sometimes I sooo love programming...................

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Thanks for feedback



you overwrite the handle (w1 = vs.LNewObj()) of your first wall

That comment certainly was wrong ..., sorry :-)

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