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Attachments from the Legacy Forum

PVA - Jim

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

So we think that we may have a fix lined up to globally restore all the attachments from posts made prior to the forum upgrade without disrupting the new forum as a whole. However, this fix will likely have to come when we do our second or third round of forum enhancements, which don't have set dates yet.


As I am not a fan of waiting, Web team was nice enough to set me up with a tool that lets me manually extract the attachments from the old forum and place them on the new one manually. This would be too slow of a process for me to fix every post in this manner, but it does let me restore them as needed. If you find an old thread that is missing an attachment you need, simply mention @JimW in a reply to that thread or otherwise get my attention and I can restore any missing attachments in that thread. These restorations will be permanent fixes for any threads I edit manually and will remain even after we fix them globally. 


Again, apologies for the delay in restoring these attachments, but for now I hope to be able to accommodate any needs users have quickly and efficiently. Thank you.


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