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Carles Olle

How to get a Texture Reference ID from Texture Name

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I'm sure this a silly question but I'm just new to VW Scripting.

I need to create an Image Prop in marionette. One of the parameters is the "texture" that will be used. Looking at the node definition script, this is supposed to be a Texture Reference ID.

I got the texture name but that does not seem to work as a input parameter for the "Image Prop" node; How to get a Texture Reference ID from Texture Name

Help will be appreciated.



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I haven't done this myself, but afaik a Texture - much like a Line Type or Hatch - will be referenced by an Index number rather than its name - Just to make things more complicated ;)




Finding out the index value of your - I guess custom - texture will probably be a bit difficult.

Dig through the VS function reference and you might find a way to get the texture from a referenced object/class.



Personally, I've resorted to creating a Class for every "look" I want and just assign my objects to them accordingly.


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Hi, have a look at the end of this script as to how you get the texture.

And its not a silly question, should have seen the dumb questions I asked at the beginning.
Also if you need to create an image prop the node is under Objects / Solid.



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Hi, me again, I couldn't get this to work until I used my custom node Name2Index which converts a texture name to the code. It is used to get slab Index and it works here also.HTH
Will need to sort out the transparency, maybe will have to code up a node or maybe set up an image with transparency alpha channel.
Will investigate.




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