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Font Selection/Change

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When use a command I created to place the current date on a drawing it always defaults to Geneva font. Regardless of what is selected as the current font. It also changes the current setting to Geneva. In the command window there is a call for a font by number but I can't seem to find one that indicates the Tekton font I use.

Any solutions?? Thanks

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I probably did but, this problem was true in older versions of VW/MiniCAD. In fact this problem has existed since one could write commands. I created it back in v 7 or something ( i go back to the original version) besides why would a font call have anything to do with a program changing which one it uses/changes? I think it's more a question of having the command string being able to call the correct font, or not making a font call when executing a command???

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The font may be missing a component of the font. Tekton is generally a collection of fonts. If you couldn't use it in earlier versions, the font may have been corrupt or missing components.

Under OS 10, you won't be able to have much luck using it until you buy the latest version of Tekton suitcase from Adobe. The old MMX fonts from OS 9 are not compatible wiht OS 10. All MMX Fonts need to be upgraded to OS 10 compatible fonts for them to work in any application under OS 10.

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Yes it is a script in the command window to place the current date in the drawing. Textsize responds but textFont does not???



x,y : REAL;

StrValue : STRING;




StrValue:= Date(2,1);

GetPt (x,y);






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In my system, there is no font 6.

You can either find out the font ID with this script:


or, preferably, use

fID := GETFONTID('Chicago');

and then (after creating the text, ie. instead of SetFont in the beginning)


SetFont sets the default font, which is not perhaps what you want. Same approach applies to size.

However, there is a better approach altogether: a 'named object' ('Date Stamp') which is updated with a command.

My free 'Print and Stamp" menu command at VectorDepot does exactly this when you use it to print. You can define the font, size, location, orientation, colour etc etc of the date stamp any which way and it will be updated. In addition to date, you get the filename.

Not that I would use it myself: I have these as parts of my titleblock and they are updated via a menu command. This is even better...

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I created the command script a long time ago and do not remember much but I don't think i choose a font # in that process and it was done for me. I use VW for Shop drawings in a cabinet shop setting and many copies may be printed so having it part of the printing process could confuse which drawing is the latest. I am also using VW10.

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Well, then you can create two text objects, name them 'datestamp' and 'filename' and use this script.:



obHd : HANDLE;

dateNow, fName : STRING;


dateNow := DATE(2,1);

fName := GETFNAME;

obHd := GETOBJECT('datestamp');

SETTEXT(obHd, dateNow);

obHd := GETOBJECT('filename');

SETTEXT(obHd, fName);



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