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  1. Petri I created the command script a long time ago and do not remember much but I don't think i choose a font # in that process and it was done for me. I use VW for Shop drawings in a cabinet shop setting and many copies may be printed so having it part of the printing process could confuse which drawing is the latest. I am also using VW10.
  2. Yes it is a script in the command window to place the current date in the drawing. Textsize responds but textFont does not??? PROCEDURE PutDate; VAR x,y : REAL; StrValue : STRING; BEGIN TextSize(12); TextFont(6); StrValue:= Date(2,1); GetPt (x,y); TEXTORIGIN(x,y); BEGINTEXT; StrValue ENDTEXT; END; RUN(PutDate);
  3. It's not that the font don't work,it works just fine and in the case I am talking about, it doesn't matter what font is being used. when you execute the command it resets the font back to Geneva
  4. I probably did but, this problem was true in older versions of VW/MiniCAD. In fact this problem has existed since one could write commands. I created it back in v 7 or something ( i go back to the original version) besides why would a font call have anything to do with a program changing which one it uses/changes? I think it's more a question of having the command string being able to call the correct font, or not making a font call when executing a command???
  5. When use a command I created to place the current date on a drawing it always defaults to Geneva font. Regardless of what is selected as the current font. It also changes the current setting to Geneva. In the command window there is a call for a font by number but I can't seem to find one that indicates the Tekton font I use. Any solutions?? Thanks
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