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VW10 on OSX is sluggish

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I just upgraded to VW10.1.2 and upgraded to OSX and VW is sluggish. There is a noticable delay on all computers in the office (G4's). The delay is such that there is a brief pause before keyboard commands are executed on the screen. We have all tried repairing the permissions but has not helped at all. I feel like I am drawing in molasses. help!

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Thanks. repairing the permissions is the only program I can see in the disk utilities that I can see and I have already run it. Is there another? I am running a 733mhz processor on a G4 with 384 ram. Has the speed of the program been drecreased to increas the accuracy?


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The speed of the program has not decreased from 9 to 10..

How long ago did you repair and fix disk permissions?

Have you tried the program under OS 9 to see if it runs 'slower' there than vw 9?

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I don't know how you test the program - I only use perceptive testing and according to that, many functions are much slower in VW 10. However, I have sent a sample file about a certain (raster image-related) issue to Paul Pharr some weeks ago - in that case, it is not about perception but something you can see (flickering while-U-wait, wait & wait). Now, if you add the speed loss of VW 10 to the speed loss of OS X, sluggish is an understatement.

I don't use OS X but have still decided not to upgrade to VW 10 because of loss of speed and also because of some bad user interface decisions. While there are some attractive new features, for everyday work I would need to stick to VW 9 anyway, so spending big for a couple of fancy features and endless hassles do not appeal at all.

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nna's post under "VW users: tell me your grievances!", originally posted 15 July, seems to recognize that there IS a "speed problem" with VW10, on PCs & Macs, .....so, which is it? does nna recognize a speed problem or not? and what is being done to correct it?

The speed issue is clear to me on a g4/400 w/512mg.

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