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  1. imported a 9.9MB AutoCAD file into VW2016 on a Mac. the new VW file is 63.1MB. Why? And, VW bogs down with a 63.1MB file...
  2. Potentially expanding this question...using VW on 2 monitors, with the Resource, Navigation and Working Planes palettes on the 2nd monitor. Switching to any other software (Outlook, Chrome, etc) then back to VW, the palettes from the 2nd monitor are now over the drawing, and need to be moved back in the preferred position. Palette Docking doesn't help... Ideally, the palettes will stay where put. VW2016, Mac 10.11.6
  3. That method doesn't seem to work...removed, opened VW from Applications, and the icon show up old school...
  4. Just installed VW2016 on an older iMac (2.8GHz i5), now running 10.11.2. So far, Ok, if a little slow...especially to launch, but seems to work Ok (some graphics updates, no doubt related to the old card) Loaded the VW icon on the Dock, via drag-n-drop from the Applications folder. The VW icon - the emblem itself - does not show up...the old school Mac icon of paper/pencil/brush/ruler shows up instead. VW2016 launches from that icon. overall, not a showstopper, just a minor bug of (hopefully) no consequence. Ideas? a sign of future challenges?
  5. How might a drawing of predominantly black & white linework be created - i.e., a "typical" drawing - but also add color for graphics or other highlights? e.g., Life Safety. The classes - when ready to plot - could be converted to B&W with the desired classes in color remaining per class setting...tedious. Document settings allow the switch to all B&W...but, would like to keep a few classes in color. if class color could be controlled via Viewport settings, that would work...
  6. The Tool Set pull down 'buttons' are not working...e.g., we have the 'Move Page' tool as a subset under 'Pan', and many of the arc/circle functions under 1 tool...used to be able to hit the icon 'button' (the little black triangle in the lower right corner) and select other tools. Not sure when this started - but, the pull down function is not working. The keyboard short cuts to the desired tool do work... ? VW2012 on Mac 10.6.8
  7. Using Page Setup to establish 30x42 title border- settings won't hold, or can't get a 30x42 border or it has page breaks, can't select 'Adope PDF' from the list of available printers (this may be an Adobe problem, not Mac or VW, per se...) In short - no able to make a new 30x42 TB. ? VW2012 on Mac 10.6.8
  8. Any update to this topic with VW2012?
  9. How is VW2012 configured to plot to a 30x42 sheet via .pdf? When we go to 'page setup', then 'printer setup' we can pick a custom size, but the actual sheet still defaults to some unit size available of a printer on the network... We used to be able to select 'Adobe' as a printer... Mac 10.6.8 VW2012
  10. Ok - so, there is no solution...? Wish? Proposed solutions herein are creative, yet elaborate (cumbersome), for linetypes which are fundamental in other software... All the BIM wall-component stuff is nice, but we still produce drawings in 2D.
  11. Ok - think I've attached a sample file...I'll know when i submit... Mac OS10.6 VW12, upgrading to VW2011...
  12. Does VW2011 have the ability to create custom line types? For example - lines indicating a 1-Hr or 2-Hr Fire Separation? security boundary? footsteps? etc?
  13. How are pairs of doors for double and single egress doors drawn? Generally, these type of doors are used in 8'-0" corridors....
  14. Some casement windows indicate a swing, some don't......? And, the Flip, Position and Setting in the OIP buttons show up variably depending on which casement is selected....?
  15. The stair tool icon won't activate...? select it, it doesn't highlight and the stair tool dialog doesn't pop up..... (Ramp, elevator icon work Ok....) vwa12.5 Mac 10.4.8
  16. is it possible to edit, say, a wall style? so that it has some appropriate line weights? or, different classes? at 1/4" the walls don't show on plan as I'd like. How about windows? they'll adopt the class style well enough, but the entire window is 1-linetype and 1-lineweight. any general hints, cautions, tips or tricks on editing VW objects?
  17. i'm using the windows PIO in a hand drawn section (which by default is drawn in top/plan view - i think). To view the window in this section, I change its view to "right" and now i see the window i need to see....except, that the viewport can only show one view - either top/plan or right. Am I making this harder than it needs to be? Should the hand-drawn section simply be drafted in the "right" (or, "left") view? The section is way too complicated to use the built in walls with window objects. Any other ideas? TIA
  18. draw a breakline - then, move it. the overall length changes......? trying to detail an object, incl. using several breaklines. to maintain a detail consistency, the breaklines should be the same (break width, height, overall length, etc.) however, making a breakline, moving and/or duplicating it, something changes - not allowing the breaklines to be the same.
  19. Using a section-elevation marker, e.g. SeckMkr - 6, the sheet & item show up in the graphic of the marker. Instead of being below the reference line, "1-A1" is actually in the line and the graphic of the triangle.....?
  20. How is a scalable symbol created? i.e., to use a section detail mark at 1:1, 1/4", 1/8", or x", can a symbol (or pio) be created that can be brought into that layer at the appropriate size?
  21. Is it possible (and if possible, straightforward) to duplicate and clip a workgroup reference in a design layer? For example, we want to draw interior elevations with just the room plan adjacent to the elevations. We want to duplicate the WGR per room, clip it to show just the room, and keep the room plan in the same titled areas as the elevations. ?
  22. Is there a consensus on the best large format production oriented B&W plotter? HP800? Epson?
  23. Anyone have any experience with the new Epson 7800 or 9800 plotters?
  24. Setting the line attribute none works, but there is still some difficulty selecting the object.... What I'm after is a visible crop that does not plot. ?
  25. Can an object used to crop a viewport be hid, so that it is not visible on a plot? If the class for the object is turned off, the object can't be selected......
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