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  1. we reference plans to another file and then layer link them in order to change scales or rotate them. we do this for pans to site plans and plans to reflected ceiling plans. The catch to this is that the setting up the files can be very cumbersome because of the references and links. Also, I have heard that this can contribute to corruption of files which we have also encountered. We continue to work this way until vectorworks makes a "paper space" option similar to autocad. email me if you need further explaination.
  2. I cannot print one of my files to an HP1055CM plus nor can anyone in my office print it. I can print the file to another printer. I tried many options and in desparation I exported the file as V8, then opened it in V10 and it printed. Everything in the file looks fine now. Are there any unsforseen things I should be aware of by saving as an older version and then a newer version. running VW 10.1.2 and OS 10.2.6. thanks.
  3. Katie, In OS9 VW10 does not run slower.
  4. The first thing we all noticed after upgrading to VW10 was the slower speed. It runs faster in OS9 than OS10 on the same machine. Its just slow enough to throw off drafting rythms but not cause serious delays. the advice from tech support was to repair the permissions which has had no effect. any thoughts? G4 733 mhz 384 MB OS 10.2.1
  5. Katie, Thanks. repairing the permissions is the only program I can see in the disk utilities that I can see and I have already run it. Is there another? I am running a 733mhz processor on a G4 with 384 ram. Has the speed of the program been drecreased to increas the accuracy? scott
  6. I just upgraded to VW10.1.2 and upgraded to OSX and VW is sluggish. There is a noticable delay on all computers in the office (G4's). The delay is such that there is a brief pause before keyboard commands are executed on the screen. We have all tried repairing the permissions but has not helped at all. I feel like I am drawing in molasses. help!
  7. just upgraded from OS9 to OSX and VW 8.5.2 to VW 10.1.2. and have encountered the following problem in the print window. There is no option to set the color lines to print B/W. obviously I can do this by changing the VW preferences and document preferences but why do the extra steps if it was not required in older versions. I have heard there may be 3rd party drivers that can do this. any suggestions. Thanks
  8. we all know that it is a bad idea to put objects on a layer that is being workgroup referenced into a drawings because when the references are updated, the objects on a referenced layer in the target file are discarded. Most users know not to draw on a referenced layer but what has happened is that when objects are grouped and the referenced layer is current, then the grouped objects are automatically put on the referenced layer. then, when the reference is updated the information is gone. Unfortunately , it usually is the case that "show/snap/modify others" is selected so that most information can be selected and moved together and then grouped so entire files of information have been lost. Does there exist a patch that could post a message saying "you are about to transfer objects to a referenced layer. Are you sure you want to do this?"
  9. We use layer the layer link combined with workgroup references in 2d because it is the only way to reference a drawing and move or rescale the reference in the target file. It is imperative to be able to do this. After making the initial links and references I experienced the problem of crashing while zooming-in but believe it or not the crashing problem mysteriously went away. Others in the office experienced the problem while some did not. All memory allotments were set to the recommended and it had no effect for those experiencing the problem. The suggestion from tech support was not to work with files over the network, in other words copy the file to the desktop to work with it - which I find dangerous due to likelihood of error. My only advice is that the problem may mysteriously go away
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