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Custom Worksheet Function with *Args

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I would like to create a custom worksheet function to return a value from a range of worksheet cells - Like vlookup() in MS Excel. For now though I will settle for returning the th value in [*args]list

To my knowledge the closest I can get to that is the following

=RUNSCRIPT(13, 'lookup.py', 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)



> 13 - Is the location of 'lookup.py' in this case


> 'lookup.py' is the name of my script

> 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are the arguments i'm trying to pass in

lookup.py: (current)


def lookup(i, *args):

>>>return args[i-1]


Do I need to call lookup(i,*args) here as well? as the function

has only been defined and not run above


Or should I change it more to something like this:


def lookup(f_i, *f_args):

>>>for a in f_args:


>>>return args[i-1]

i = 0

args = []

lookup(i, *args)

Please Help. How do I make this work?

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Do you want get the output in your OS Terminal or somewhere out of Vectorworks?

That is to high for me, but I am very interested on this possibilities too.

As I suppose, that the args method is not loaded in an embedded python. So maybe we have to somehow initialize this first.

But as I told, this could be a very dilettantish comment.

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OK, forget my comment about your args. I thought you want to have access to the sys.argv command line arguments.

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I think, we have to specify the args in the worksheet scripts. Like this



I tried to get all args with a while loop


while vs.WSScript_GetPrmReal(i) !=None: #Endless loop, attension!


Don't try this. You will never be able to open your document again. Because Worksheets script automatically actualize at open document (which seems to be a nice feature ...) but If you have an endless loop in your script you will have to wait endless :-)

Or maybe it's because the vs.WSScript_Get******* ist not very liberal, if you get wrong value type. A String instead of a float as example?

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Hi Carl

I made an example. Attached to this post. Hope, It can help you finish your project.

Code in the Worksheet:

=RUNSCRIPT('Script-1', A2, B2, C2, D2, E2)

Code of the Script

while arg_len >0:
arg = vs.WSScript_GetPrmStr(i)
arg_len = len(arg)


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