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How do I cut, trim, or subtract a 2D group?

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I am using strut channel for a project. Strut is a standard structural member that generally comes in 10' lengths. It can be cut to use for a variety of needs. It has holes in it.

1. I would like to draw some circles on a rectangle and then subtract the circles so that I can see something through the holes. That would represent the strut channel and the slotted holes that are punched through it.

2. I would like to draw the strut as if its been cut with a saw. I created a group out of a rectangle and then placed some circles on top to represent the holes. If I were actually cutting the strut I would cut perhaps right through a hole and have two pieces. This has to be possible but I can't figure it out or don't know what the operation is really called.


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Hi Mark,

Step 1.

Modify > Clip Surface the circles from the rectangle.

Step 2.

Use the Split tool in the Basic Tool Palette. Look in the mode bar for options.

In Line Split Mode down the centre for two pieces.

In Line Trim Mode down the centre for one piece.


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