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Marionette Fun with GIS shapefiles

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First time posting here so I will first apologize for any social faux pas that I make or if I don't include the correct information.

I've been working with Marissa, and her help has been extremely beneficial, on several other ways to manipulate data from GIS file downloaded from various government agencies. This particular challenge is one that I felt would be very useful to architects, urban planners and landscape architects. The imported shapefile carried over the attached record for critical building information like use elevation and height.

I've created a script that queries the attached records for building elevation and height. The resulting extruded shapes don't have the right heights or elevations. Where have I gone wrong. Additionally it would be great if the records remained attached to the resulting extruded shapes. For you planner types I was also planning on adding a way in which the assigned use can move the extruded shape to a new class using the attached record.

Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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Hello - I have been working a lot with GIS Data as well and I have found that you have to do a lot of translating before you can use Marionette with it. For some reason, even if the record formats say they are numbers or dimensions, they are read by Marionette as strings. So you would first have to write a script that changes the dimensions written to a float: 130'4 ½" needs to be written as 1564.5 (inches) or 130.375 (ft). Once you get the values in the records into this format, you still need to add a "float" node after the output of the field values to make sure that Marionette reads them as numbers.

Also, I would make copies of the polys and then extrude those. You can then use the original polys to get the record and field names and then transfer them to the extrusions.

I hope this helps- good luck!

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Good Morning! Thanks for your insight. Your insight gave me an idea. I went back to my original marionette and per your suggestion changed the values in the record to decimals rather than feet and inches and changed the drawing units to feet.

Thanks to your inspiration the GIS data with embedded records extrudes correctly dndmoves them to the correct elevation however they are not generated at the correct geo-referenced coordinates. Would it be possible that this is in the node itself? If one was to simply extrude the polygon it will not change coordinates it will simply extrude by the value given.

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Hi Robert,

I think you might have already done this yourself but I have created a node that takes strings formatted into feet and inches and turns them into usable floats.

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