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Add these to the wish list.

When creating symbols, Place the full symbol in a landscape class. The symbols now are in the 'none' class. To be able to segregate them, they must be edited.

Second, an easier to use ID tool. I listed this above. It is easier to manully label plants then use the provided tool.


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What we need is a series of symbols - I have many and would be willing to send them to you - that could have records attached to them. It would be handy to be able to place and rotate the symbol into place with one click. We need to be able to switch from one symbol to another easily. ie - from a quarter circle to full circle, or from a 15' spray to a 30' rotor - then there needs to be a script that would read the gpm that is assigned to each sprinkler and that would tabulate gpm as selected and using a greater than or less than concept to assign pipe sizes. Many of the irrigation companies will supply data bases with the information on their equipment that could be used to automate the process. I am a firm believer in not automating things such as sprinkler placement or pipe routing. The last pipe on the zone could have a zone id tag that could be accessed by a valve command to place a valve sized by manual parameters.

All symbols must be dxf export friendly - the present ones are not.

There are many more things, but this would help.

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Though I haven't used VWLM 9.5 too much yet,I will throw my 2 cents in here. I have found the Plant tool along with the ID tool to be very cumbersome.First I had to make a tree symbol from an existing symbol then

make a record then put the record in the Plant Database then put it in the Project plant list then attach to a symbol correctly (being careful to get rid of the old symbols record which has been quite confusing) then make an appropriate ID Tool symbol and place it in the right place (actually havn't been able to figure this out yet) run the script etc. Then finally place some plant symbols which have to only be from the correct database. Then try to label........

All in all it so far has been way to difficult to get right. I mean to get everything in the form I need for my drawings. FOr example the ID Label has to be a certain way and even though it is a very simple design the process of making the label and getting it work right is way too complicated in my opinion. I suppose once everything is set up it may be useful but so far I have not had the spare time, which I think will be considerable, to get everything set up.

So as a wish list item. I would ask that there be less steps, clearer documentation and generally easier way to automate the Place plan tool. But as I havn't used VW much since 8.5 I find the improvements in VW's general ease of use and stability to be much better. Crashes have been petty rare so far though lot of non-fatal stalls .


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