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Model disappeared and displays only when zooming

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My entire drawing/model has disappeared and reappears as a wireframe only briefly when zooming in and out. I can still snap to polygons and objects and adjust them; they even highlight, but have no visibility. I have all of the layers and class turned on, and my viewport even updates correctly and is completely visible like normal. Any ideas?


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The model is still having the same problems, but it isn't occurring with my other files. I believe the file itself may have became corrupt when I was having internet troubles and transferring files between shared folders. Thanks for the help though, Jim! I was able to recreate the file by rescuing parts of it.


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I am having this issue as well, but in VW 2018!  When I zoom in/out, I can see everything, but as soon as I stop, everything disappears.  I can highlight objects, but they all disappear.  I JUST fixed the whole thing crashing because I was using text.  I'm REALLY starting to hate the speed at which programmers are cranking out updates, etc, because it seems that they are now using users as their beta testers and charging us a monthly fee to do their work.

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