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  1. This worked! @jeff princethanks so much!
  2. Hello there, I'm trying to use a component linked with a material within multiple landscape areas to chop out of my site model and replace the corresponding cut using an intended material. I'm excited about the possibility of this method because I feel like this will be an easy way to do cut and fill calculations, as well as material calculations to direct our contractor for landscape areas that will require different site prep treatments within the project. I have created a simple rain garden (see landscape area labelled Landscape Area 1 in the image below) and created a landscape area for it that essentially cuts my model 45cm below final grade. When I produced a section cut just with Landscape Area 1, everything works as expected. But my problem is that when I completely surround that landscape area with another landscape area (Landscape Area 2), using its own material and thickness, it applies that material thickness and corresponding cut to the site model beneath my first landscape area in additional to the cut created by the first landscape area, making more cut that I want to (see cross section image below). Interestingly, if this second landscape area does NOT surround the first landscape area completely, everything works as expected. Please note, I did clip landscape area 2 from landscape area 1, and offset landscape area 2 by 1mm so that the two landscape areas don't overlap. The inline images in this thread may not show everything because they could render weird, so I've also attached both images as .pdf's. I've also attached the VW file. I'm having trouble explaining all of this, so I hope the images help to describe my issue. I would be grateful for anyone's help on this - I think this technique could be useful for a lot of people to save time in the drafting/materials calculation/cut and fill calculation process. Many thanks, Adrian 2021.08.02 VW Issue.pdf 2021.08.02 VW Issue.vwx
  3. for anyone else out there grappling with this issue - I just found out that I was drawing on a layer that was set to a different layer scale. Make sure your layers are all the same scale because if they aren't, snapping won't work, and of course, you'll get mismatched geometry.
  4. Thanks to both of you so much for your advice on this! @J. Wallace I tried to assign a texture to the class via the following instructions but when I update the site model, I don't see the texture applying as it has done for you. What specific steps di you take to assign the class a texture? Thanks again, Adrian
  5. Hello there, Hopefully this is the right place to post this... I have made a site model for a small residential design that I'm working on, and I also have a landscape area that I want to show on the site model as a texture bed. In the LA settings, I have it set as 'Texture Bed' in the 3D setting for the proposed site model. I've also right-clicked on the LA and chose 'Send to Surface' but I'm still not seeing it appear on the site model. The attached photo shows the LA selected beneath the site model after I tried to send it to the surface. I've also attached the file itself. Could anyone point out what I'm missing? Thanks so much. Aberdeen.vwx
  6. That work. Thank you so much!!! Thanks to all for your help!
  7. Hello everyone, I'm quite new to Marionette and I'm stuck within a network I'm trying to build. I'm using an Objects By Criteria node to return a list that defined by a criteria I've set. The resulting list contains several items that pertain to the same criteria, but I want the list summarize and return only one instance of the different types of items that result from the criteria I've set (hope that makes sense, hard to describe). What I'm looking for is no different than when a database row in a worksheet returns items that match a criteria and then you can summarize those values so that the result only shows a single summarized instance of the different items returned by the criteria. I've attached the network I'm working on, with a square drawn around the node that I'm trying to summarize/. I put a "remove Duplicates" node in but that has no result. Thanks so much for your help! Adrian Marionette Legend.vwx
  8. Hi gain, this file is in VW 2021, need to update my signature!
  9. Hi there I'm a newbie to Marionette and and excited about learning it. However, I'm having trouble with some unexpected wire values coming out of the Contents node that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I made a simple group with some rectangles in it, and used a Name node to get that into Marionette. Then I put a Contents node to get the individual rectangles in. When I debug the wire coming out of the Contents node, I've getting a single value containing codes corresponding to the number of rectangles in the group, but I'm expecting a list of values with each value being "Vectorworks Handle type: 3". I'm using this video as a guide, and at 21:25 is where I'm learning what the Contents node should output ( Thanks so much in advance for your help Marionette practice 3.vwx
  10. Thanks so much to you both for your responses.
  11. Hi Pat, thanks again. When I enter that formula, my worksheet just returns #VALUE! (as in the attached image). I'm not very knowledgeable of using formulae in VW worksheets yet, so maybe I'm missing something in the syntax. Thanks so much for your help again.
  12. Hi Pat, Thanks so much for your response and taking the time to get back to me. I've tried the suggestion you gave, but it's still not seeming to work. I've attached the file as you requested, and truly grateful for you looking at this, and hopefully this thread will help others as well. Reeves site model retaining wall.vwx
  13. Hi Boh, I'm working on a similar application but I don't quite know how to make my worksheet recognize cut and fill values as numbers and not strings (as it seems it cannot use strings for making calculations. I see in your worksheet above that your cut and fill values are adding up in a totals row. I have used the "Create Report" option in Tools to generate a database row that shows only site models and provides some field information about the site model (row 7 in my worksheet below). When I try to do calculations on these site model values, I get unexpected results. How are you pulling your cut and fill values in your worksheet? Thanks so much , Adrian
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