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Residential Framing Worksheets

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Hello all,

Wondering if anyone has residential framing worksheets from sill plate to interior trim they would like to share.

In other words, complete takeoff.

Any tips, tricks or help would be great also.

Just getting started in this arena.

Look forward to the responses.

Am willing to help to learn explore this.

We could take a very simple model and then proceed from there.

Say a ranch 1,000 square foot

Vinyl, carpet, hardwood flooring

Asphalt/Fiberglass shingles

Stick frame or truss roof

Corner boards

Vinyl or clapboard siding

Concrete or Block Foundation

Double Hung Windows

Painted drywall interior

Door & Window casings

Interior Doors

you know, the usual full blown list of what it takes to build a house turnkey.

Look forward to the selections.

I am sure we will have suggestions for the minds at Vectorworks.

Remember, today's solutions are tomorrows problems.


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I have been working on Wall Framing Worksheets.

Concrete Footers

Concrete Foundation Walls

Framed Exterior Walls


Wall Length

Wall Height





I have discovered wall lengths do not report as dimensioned.

Need to add wall thickness to function.

In this case,  2x4 wall, 1/2" OSB.

Ex: = length+.2916   .2916 = 3-1/2".  Length is expecting feet, so must convert 3-1/2"" to decimal. 3.5/12=.2916666


Thought it might be due to me using center of wall to draw.

Tried using left control, makes no difference.

When I edit my wall, OIP dimensions to center of wall.  Maybe due to miter join and not butt join.

Need to look into.

Framed walls.JPG

Framed Wall Worksheet.JPG

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As far as I am able to determine, the reason for wall length in OIP not matching

the dimension number, has to do with the Wall Component Settings, Master Snap Points.


Check only which side you want to snap to and for which material for dimensioning purposes.


In my case, need to check Master Snap Points to dimension to outside face of wall sheathing, and inside face of wall stud.

I made the needed corrections, and so far, all is well.

I unchecked the settings for drywall, & siding as this is an exterior wall, and we do not dimension to drywall being new home builders.



VW 219 Wall Component Settings.JPG

VW 2019 Wall Component Settings Sheathing.JPG

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