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Greetings all,

Currently trying to start learning Python, and have followed the brief tutorial on the Developer wiki.

I have a question with the steps mention in that article, and didn't know where to post it, so hopefully someone here can help me out.

The issue is to do with using Aptana as an IDE, and the article mentions something about

you can point your IDE to the file File:Vs.zip (download, unzip, and place it appropriately so the IDE could find it).

How would you do this for Aptana?

And a second Aptana related question:

I'm getting a Port not bound error


Anyone know whats happening?

Thanks in advance


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I'm also trying to set up Aptana Studio to program/debug Python scripts in Vectorworks and, by pure chance, did figure out how to set the path.

Menu -> Properties -> PyDev PYTHONPATH -> External Libraries - add the path to the VS.zip here.

Now - would anyone like to list, step by step, how I would set VW up to debug in Aptana? Do I code in Aptana then copy + paste into the VW script editor and run it? Can I point the VW script editor somehow to the folders/libraries that are set up by Aptana?

Just a note - I'm coming from AutoCAD + Lisp/dotnet and am just learning both Vectorworks and Python, so the more detailed and geared toward beginners the better (should anyone be nice enough to take the time to do so.) I've tried to make sense of the disparate descriptions of how to set up VW for Python on the wiki, but am not making much progress.

Thanks for any help,


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