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Creating a 3D object

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I would like to write a vectorscript which will draw multi-planar 3D polygons.

I want to be able to simply enter in the x,y & z coordinates of each point on the polygon. There would be about 12 points per polygon.

Does anyone have an idea how to go about this or have something similar I might get started with? Would it/could it be a PIO?

I have looked at some of the resources, but there does not seem to be a simple step by step overview for the novice scripter.


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There are many ways to accomplish this, It all depends on what the purpose of this polygon might be..

You could create a custom tool/menu command:

- There is a command that picks a point the user clicks, not sure if it can handle 3D

- You can use the predefined simple dialogs that return a string, double..

- You can create your own dialog that handles all points at once.

You could create a custom object:

- You can create a pio that has all these points as parameters. The advantage here is that the user can move the points in 2D if you use controlpoints.

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