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Runtime Error when Importing DWG in 9.5.2

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I am running Vectorworks 9.5.2 on a 850Mhz PC with Windows XP and 384M of RAM. I am trying to import a 7 megabyte .dwg file and continue to get a runtime error almost instantly after I start the import. I don't get a options screen or anything. VW just quits. This is repeatable on other CPU's and also on a Macintosh running 9.5.3 and OS 10. Any advice. Thanks in advance.

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There is probably something wrong with the DXF/DWG file.

If you want me to take a look at the file I can.

I have AutoCad here so I can take a look at the file there and see why it won't import in VW.


Subject: attn:Katie

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