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Im trying to design a little video for our website that shows how our stone cladding system works, and I'd like to animate the bits and pieces to move into position at each stage of the video.

So far I've added in a AW Moving Object, using a 3d symbol, and added an AW Object Path.

When in the obj info palette for the AW Moving Object, I try to enter the path name, but it just reverts back to <>

They're both on the same design layer and class, I'm not sure why it won't connect.

If I preview the animation, it just disappears...

This is the first time I've tried using it, so I've probably done something stupid or have a setting turned off but I can't figure it out.

One a side note, is animation works worth learning, or are there better alternatives out there (Without paying $3000 for cinema4D)

Thanks a lot in advance

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