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Solid fill in viewports

Kaare Baekgaard


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Could you post an image of the print results you are getting? A Fill of None shouldn't create an odd effect as you describe.

Still a perfectly good wishlist item though, it can be controlled via class attributes but an option within the Create Viewport dialog that could be saved by default would make sense as well, submitting it now.

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I would be surprised, if not every VW user has had the same experience. I have seen the effect on every printer, I have used, but it is especielly visible on laserprinters.

The problem is, that pure white becomes transparent in the viewport, but any amount of colour or gray will make the pixels none-transparent. The edge between transparent and non-transparent pixels will print slightly tinted – resulting in an odd effect.

I dont think my camera will catch this, but I am sure, you will see the same effect in images with a lot of white-ish objects.

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Sorry Jim – I forgot crucial information:

I make pdf's from my sheet layers...

Then I compress the pdf's, so I can mail them to the customer...

THEN the problem arises – if I forgot to give renderings a solid background.

Here is a white object on a solid backgrund:


Here is the same object without background fill:


Here is a pdf with two pages - the second page has no solid fill behind the rendering:


I am sorry for the confusion

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