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Dialog Script - Maximum Number of Characters


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I have a custom dialog script I have been using for years, and it has about 67,000 characters in the script. I am updating my dialog handling calls to the new handler calls, as the current ones are deprecated.

Every time I exit the dialog though, I get a message saying the VS editor cannot save a vector script with more than 32,001 characters in it, and I should use Includes. It says that everything over the 32001 limit will be lost, yet when I click O.K. it saves the script with all 67000 characters intact and strips nothing from the file. The script still functions perfectly.

Is this a new message or an old message, as I have never seen the message before?

But either way, why does it let me save the file when it says it will not? It is a little scary seeing the message that half my code will be lost, but nothing happens, so should I just ignore this message?

I will probably get around to doing some includes eventually, but right now I am just trying to update the code to the new calls. I am working in the 2013 VS editor.

Any info on this appreciated.

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