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Existing Tree - Custom Plant Tag


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Is there any method to being able to create a custom plant tag for the existing tree tool? We'd like to include more data than ID/ Common Name/ Notes in the tag for display of the information beyond the preset standards in the very limited Tag and Numbering dialog. For instance, adding Height or DBH into the tag.

I'm not seeing where this would allow for any customization in a similar manner as the standard Plant Tool where you can customize plant tag appearance/ data.

Any help is appreciated or any work arounds one might suggest. We were thinking of using callouts, but I'm not seeing a way to tie the callout to the database record. Another option would be to use the plant tool, create a custom tag, but that would seem like it would require a ridiculous number of individual plants.

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I'm familiar with customizing the Plant Tag for the traditional Plant tool and have set that as an office standard. What we're looking for is the ability to customize the Existing Tree tag. Separate tool, unless I'm missing something.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I don't believe it is currently customizable in that manner. You may need to break apart the existing tree object with Modify > Ungroup, then create a plant from the components of the Existing Tree.

Or simply place the Existing Tree in the 2D/3D components of a new plant object, where you will have full control over the tag.

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If we break it apart, we lose the data/ notes we've input with the Existing Tree tool. I'm afraid to go the route of the Plant Tool as we'd have a ton of different Plants to be able to illustrate the varying size information on a variety of different material and that seems extremely onerous.

For background, we're looking at a landscape master plan for a campus and the first step is evaluation of the existing material on campus. We've placed a lot of the information in already under the Existing Tree tool, just want to be able to populate the tag with more information that is embedded with the tool, similar to the Plant tag.

We may have to end up just creating a schedule of existing material to have that information available, though it won't be as convenient as being able to populate the tag with the information to fall immediately adjacent the Existing Tree symbol.

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