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Model UVW mapping question

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Hi everybody!

I'm new in this forum, but I'm also new in Vectorworks.

My target in this moment is to better apply UVW map to a model inside Vectorworks.

In my workflow I model an object into Rhino and then import the .3dm inside Vectorworks.

As we know a nurbs surface doesn't need unwrap process 'cause the surface yet has UV coordinates. But sometimes it isn't enough for a nice result, under this point of view Rhino offers the possibility to apply a common "Box / Cylinder / Sphere" uvwmap to the object, overwriting the normal UV surface coordinates.

When I export the .3dm this feature isn't saved in the file and so Vectorworks open the model with normal uv coordinates.

I simply want to know if inside Vectorworks is possible to apply a Box/Cylinder/Sphere uvwmap.

Thanks a lot!

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