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  1. Hi! Probablu this is not the right place for this post but I can't found anyother appropriate field under the "Support" on the website. If you can kindly move the post where should be after reading I will thank you very much. My name is Daniele and I'm a 3d freelancer. In this moment I'm modeling products for an italian furniture indistry. They asked to me for both a polygonal and nurbs model to share with clients. Internally this industry use "Vectorworks 2013" for their products render and presentation; but I don't use it. Simply they import the model using the .3dm format that I provide. Now there are some problems for the model once imported into vectorworks using the .3dm format and I should solve it. But for understand I should have a trial of the vectorworks and make some tests of export/import. I've downloaded the trial but before the period ends my machine has been formatted and now I can't procede with tests of models exported from 3dsmax and imported into vectorworks. Can someone help me to have again a trial? Or a simple version of the software, as I said I needn't software functionality, I simply need to see if models import correctly into vectorworks and if not (like is happening now) understand why. Thank you very much.
  2. Hi everybody! I'm new in this forum, but I'm also new in Vectorworks. My target in this moment is to better apply UVW map to a model inside Vectorworks. In my workflow I model an object into Rhino and then import the .3dm inside Vectorworks. As we know a nurbs surface doesn't need unwrap process 'cause the surface yet has UV coordinates. But sometimes it isn't enough for a nice result, under this point of view Rhino offers the possibility to apply a common "Box / Cylinder / Sphere" uvwmap to the object, overwriting the normal UV surface coordinates. When I export the .3dm this feature isn't saved in the file and so Vectorworks open the model with normal uv coordinates. I simply want to know if inside Vectorworks is possible to apply a Box/Cylinder/Sphere uvwmap. Thanks a lot!


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