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my note text has a gray box

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can anyone tell me why in hell my note text is filled a medium gray? no matter what I do I can't change it in any properties box or option. i've closed, restarted, the whole 9.

also having an issue with my note text choosing random font sizes based on viewport scale by itself.

please help. deadline today!

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You can save a copy as of the drawing.

Are you able to post the file?

I've never used AutoCAD so I am unable to answer that.

If you like you may e-mail the file.

Have you checked the layer ?

Show/Snap/Modify Others in class & layers ?

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Here are some other troubleshooting questions that might help:

1) are you annotating within a viewport, on a sheet layer, in the design layer?

2) is "standard naming" and "auto classing" enabled?

3) have you highlighted the text and changed the font? (I have had issues with certain font types before)

4) was the original file imported from another format, or was it created from scratch?

If you want to submit a clean example, open a new "blank" file, and copy/paste the objects over, and save it. Even a screenshot might jog some collective memory on the list...

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