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Unselectable Objects

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I just added a bunch of objects to a new layer. Beds, Desks, etc. I was fine till I added some plumbing fixtures and kitchen appliances. I cannot now select any of these objects to move, delete, whatever. The other objects done the same way are fully selectable. What gives? Even select all won't get 'em.

Thanks. Jim

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Go to the Organize menu and select Class Options. Make sure you have show snap modify checkmarked. This allows you to select, edit and snap to the objects in the present active class.

If you objects are just not appearing or they are grayed, go to Organize>Classes... and make sure the correct classes are visible and not set to invisible or grayed.

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Aha! Or is it Eureka?

As I had not ever used classes (you can only expect so much learning so fast from a recent convert from DenebaCAD), it never occurred to me that VW might sneak them in on my behalf.

Of course, making all classes modifiable did the trick. I had already learned my lesson on the views and layers stuff, and when that hadn't cured it, I was outta ideas.


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