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Im a relatively new user to vector works, previously used revit for years.

I am looking for a way to quantify components in a project, down to the last nut and bolt.

Ive heard it can be done with a part list under AEC> Machine Design> Parts list. However I cannot figure out how to do this?

Also, is there a way to quantify, for instance, the total length of steel channel in the entire project?

Thanks, any input would be helpful!

A Crisford

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Thanks BIMGuy,

Im not actually designing any machinery. Sorry, I shouldve been a bit clearer.

I work for a stone masonry company, and I am trying to create a complete schedule of components used in a building for masonry fixings.

For instance, we use the hilti product range, which includes channels, brackets, bolts and masonry tiles.

Just want to know, if I model the building completely in 3d, including placing every bolt into the model, is there a way to retroactively calculate how many I have placed? Or any other component for that matter?

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