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I have made a new workspace in Vector Works 9.5.2 and now the palettes I have selected don't appear as the default when I launch a file. I have to go to the palettes menu and select each one. I edited a copy of the default workspace and only added/removed tools from the palettes. I did nothing else.

Please help.

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Pallet position and visibility are saved with your Workspace when you either change workspaces or quit the program.

If you don't have a second workspace try creating a dummy one and then do this... In your workspace, position your pallets on the screen how you want them remembered, and then switch to another workspace and back again.

This should force VectorWorks to save the pallet positions correctly. If they are not saving here, then your workspace file may be damaged.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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I also have this happen that I will start up 9.5.2 in a document previously worked in and none of the pallets are deployed and I have to open all which then appear in the positions I left them.

A connected oddity that I'm guessing is platform based is when my G4 goes into screen saver mode while I'm on the shop floor. When I return and touch the mouse, my screen returns with the pallet borders where I left them but they are empty white spaces. I have to close them and reopen each one. Just clicking on them doesn't fix the situation.

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