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My file is damaged

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Try this as it has worked for me before.

1) Open a new blank document (name it as you like) and save it.

2) Open the organization dialog box and reference your damaged file into the new blank document. [ Select "References". Select "New". Locate you damaged file. Select Open. Select "Save reference cache to disk" and "Update class definitions for referenced symbols" but deselect "Automatically update..." Now select "Ok" and

3) With the referenced file selected go to "Settings" Select "Layer import" and make sure "Only update out of date references" is e


4) With the referenced file selected go to "Edit" and select all of the layers containing the information you want to recover. Select ok

5) Exit the "Organization" dialog box by selecting ok.

6) Save file.

7) Now remove the file refererencing. [Reopen the "Organization" dialog box and select the referenced file and select "Delete". Make sure that all options of "Keep in current document" are selected.

8) Save file.

You should now be able to rebuild your file and organize it as required.

Pleas note...... This does not transfer viewports or layer links from the damaged file but it is better than losing the whole file.

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